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Steps In Choosing Your Wedding Photographer Wedding preparations are always exciting and full of challenges. You will be faced with numerous time sensitive investments and preparations all the time. Some of the decisions include choosing the right professionals to help you make your wedding day the most memorable ever. One of the first things that you need to consider is hiring a photographer who will capture the event. Remember, there are times when a family member or a friend may own a DLSR camera, but you should consider hiring a professional who knows how to document the event the right way. Review Their Portfolio Extensively
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Your photographer’s portfolio will showcase their skills and style. In doing this, you will be able to get to know more about the photographer’s creativity, how they are able to tell stories through photographs, the kind of work that they are able to do, their photography skills, and many more.
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When researching through the portfolios, it will also help if you and your spouse can decide on the style that you want to achieve. This process will help you determine the kind of wedding photographer to hire. Different photographers will excel in different photography styles. For example, classic or traditional style photography, photojournalism, portraiture, illustrative, and fine art. Interview Photographers To Know Their Personalities When you have reviewed their portfolios, you will be able to narrow down your search by checking out who is available on the date of your wedding. Interview the photographer so you will know more about their personalities. If you will be hiring a photography studio, they will likely have a number of photographers and staff. Unless specified on your contract, your choice of photographer may not necessarily be the one to shoot during your wedding. This is why meeting them through interviews will help you understand their personalities better. Having the same personalities with your wedding photographer will help set the right mood for your wedding day. Ask About Their Professional Experience When it comes to expertise, it is important to rate the photographers as best as you can. Remember, you will want to make sure your photographer will be able to capture all the important images during the event. The photographer should be expert enough to shadow your movements without placing you in an awkward situation. Know All The Details Including The Price Professional fees can be costly so choose wisely so that you do not break your budget. When interviewing the photographer, ask about the general rate and their hourly rate. There are also photographers who will offer packaged pricing. Make time to review the contract thoroughly before signing.

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US Prepper Gear Announces Writing Contest


(Orlando, FL)—US Prepper Gear, a premier online store specializing in the sale of disaster preparation and survival supplies, has recently announced their summer writing contest. The company is inviting their customers to write a non-fiction article on a survival or prepping-related topic and submit it to be voted on by US Prepper Gear’s newsletter readers and social media followers. In exchange for their writing talents, winners will receive cool gear from the US Prepper Gear store. More information about the contest is available at as well as at the company’s Facebook page.

“We know that many of our customers are as passionate as we are about disaster preparation, and we want to give them a chance to express that passion in writing,” said Charles Countryman, one of the creators of US Prepper Gear. “We are beyond excited about launching this writing contest because it’s such a fun way for us to get a taste of what’s on the minds of our customers as well as share in the knowledge that they’ve gained through their immersion in the world of disaster prepping.”

US Prepper Gear will be accepting submissions via email through July 31st, 2016. Submitted articles should be an original piece of at least 800 words on one of the following topics: survival, prepping, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, Grid Down, or “how to” tutorials. US Prepper Gear newsletter members and social media followers will vote for their favorite article by liking, sharing, and commenting on it. At the end of the contest, the US Prepper Gear team will choose five winning articles based on the number of votes they receive, and the writer of each winning article will get a prize. Those who have questions about the contest are encouraged to get in contact with US Prepper Gear at

As Countryman goes on to say, “Because we’ve seen firsthand the way that unexpected disasters can result in so much suffering, our team wants to make sure that the people in our country are prepared for whatever may come their way in the future. This writing contest is our way of connecting with our readers and giving them the chance to take this journey with us as we educate and illustrate the benefits of total preparedness.”

Those who would like to discover more about US Prepper Gear can log on to

About US Prepper Gear:

US Prepper Gear is owned and operated by local veterans in central Florida, two of who are still on active duty. Charles, the founder of US Prepper Gear, served in the U.S. Army during Desert Storm in the 1st Iraq War as well as with Restore Hope and Just Case in Somalia. What Charles witnessed while in Somalia left a lasting impression on him as he saw what total infrastructure collapses could do to a country and society as a whole. Disaster often strikes without any warning, and US Prepper Gear was created as a way to prepare citizens for disaster and a state of emergency if it was to happen in the United States.


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